Some Favorites To Try From Our Menu!

Bryce Canyon Restaurant strives to provide a southwest menu that will keep you coming back for more! We offer some of the best meals in Bryce and would like to share some of our favorites with you from our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

The Pines<
Photo Credit: Stephen Coles on flickr


The Breakfast Steak is by far one of the top sellers. Steak cooked to your preference, with a side of hash browns, two eggs, toast and jelly. Sounds simple, but tastes amazing! This is the perfect breakfast for those who are about to take a strenuous hike and need that extra energy!


I think the name makes this burger all the more better. The Butch Cassidy Elk Burger is made up with an elk patty and is served with our tasty fries! There isn’t a burger quite as satisfying after you ventured the trails that Butch himself once traveled!


For your last meal of the day, might as well go out with a BANG, or a super full belly. We simply suggest one of our delicious tender, juicy and succulent steak/beef options. There is no going wrong there. And after a day full of adventure, we are sure this will hit the spot and help you to get a great nights rest.