Top 5 Reasons To Dine Out Sometimes With Your Kids

Taking your kids out to eat tends to get a bad rap and in reality, it can actually be very beneficial for you and your children to go out to a restaurant as a family to dine. Here are five benefits to dining out with your children.

Family having lunch at restaurant
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1. Helps To Create Diversity In Taste

Some parents struggle with picky eaters and children that just refuse to try new foods at home. What is good about taking them out to eat, is that it gives them the opportunity to choose something new that they will most likely love and hence giving you a better idea of what to prepare more often at home. If they refuse to order something from the restaurant then see if they will at least share a few bites with you from your meal.

2. Family Time – Obviously

With all the hustle and bustle of life, it can be difficult at times to pull the family together to et at the dinner table. Dining out at a restaurant can be less distracting since there aren’t pets, Tv’s, toys and other things that will draw your little ones attention away from not only their food, but from the family as well.

3. Tradition or Celebration

Some families like to make dining out a weekly tradition which is a great idea! However, if you are looking to conserve money, you can use it as a way to celebrate your little ones victories! Taking them out for a yummy meal, or even just ice cream when they accomplish something is a great reward as well as a wonderful way to spend some extra time bonding.

4. Helps Improve Social Skills & Manners

Every child needs to learn how to act appropriately in social environments, and restaurants are a good practice ground for them to learn quiet skills, manners, and how to behave in social situations.

5. Improves Communication

Usually when you go out to eat as a family, you will end up being in the restaurant longer than you would if you were to dine at home. This means that conversations will last longer and give you more opportunity to get to know more about what is going on in your child’s life or mind.

Bryce Canyon Activities

There comes a time when each one of us feels drained and can’t just bare with the amount of obligations we handle. This is perfectly normal and that explains why nature enthusiasts spend a lot of cash yearly just to get a feel of the mind-blowing natural sceneries situated all over the globe. In the US, numerous places of visit exist but for horseback riding, bicycle riding, fishing and hiking, Bryce Canyon tops the list. It is regarded as one of the best areas with some of the most peculiar natural sceneries in the world. Aside these, elegant lodges, camping sites, and hotels are situated in close proximity to the park.

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An ideal Bryce Canyon Visit may consist of a group of diverse people, an individual, or a family. Most of the guide firms have taken into account the requirements of each group. Bryce Canyon offers various mind-boggling activities. These include;

1. Horseback riding.

This is the most popular activity for Bryce Canyon visitors. The area’s geographical location and trails make it difficult to explore without the help of your feet, a horse or mule. Some of the trails followed are complicated and without the help of an experienced guide it proves difficult to reach out these amazing areas. Some of the rides you expect in Bryce Canyon include;

• Red Canyon Trail Rides
• Ride Canyon Trail
• Red rock Ride
• A ride of the exquisite Rim Trail

2. Sightseeing.

There is nothing as exciting as just watching and capturing nature’s goodness. Bryce Canyon is well endowed with the rarest natural features such as “Hoodoos”, rivers, wonderful landscapes, and amazing sky. Do not forget your camera since there is plenty to capture in every step of your way. “Hoodoos” offer such a breathtaking view. These are also referred to as tent rocks, earth pyramids or fairy chimney’s. Depending on the position of the sun they look different and you must capture this. You will also have a wonderful view from the 14 unique scenic views within the park. The free shuttle buses may be an option for those who do not want to waste time looking for parking spaces. Furthermore, you are allowed to alight at the view points at any time.

3. Camping.

Two campgrounds are available for those who love camping. These camps have flush toilets and running water as well. At a cost of $15 you get to enjoy the groundbreaking natural setting of the park as well as the wonderful night sky. There is no better way to relax and be at peace during a vacation as this.


A vacation at Bryce Canyon can never be complete if you do not take part in one of the hiking trips. There are quite a number of hiking trails and are not difficult to maneuver. The shortest hike will take you approximately 30 minutes while others can take an entire day.

A Bryce Canyon Visit can be one of the most memorable experiences ever. Those who trod its popular trails look forward to taking a return visit. It is just nature at its best.

Some Favorites To Try From Our Menu!

Bryce Canyon Restaurant strives to provide a southwest menu that will keep you coming back for more! We offer some of the best meals in Bryce and would like to share some of our favorites with you from our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

The Pines<
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The Breakfast Steak is by far one of the top sellers. Steak cooked to your preference, with a side of hash browns, two eggs, toast and jelly. Sounds simple, but tastes amazing! This is the perfect breakfast for those who are about to take a strenuous hike and need that extra energy!


I think the name makes this burger all the more better. The Butch Cassidy Elk Burger is made up with an elk patty and is served with our tasty fries! There isn’t a burger quite as satisfying after you ventured the trails that Butch himself once traveled!


For your last meal of the day, might as well go out with a BANG, or a super full belly. We simply suggest one of our delicious tender, juicy and succulent steak/beef options. There is no going wrong there. And after a day full of adventure, we are sure this will hit the spot and help you to get a great nights rest.

Super Fruits & Their Benefits

Eating healthy can be difficult, and sometimes bland and boring. What helps at times though is knowing what kinds of food to eat, and what their benefits are. Fruits can be good and bad for you, depending on your goals as well as quantity that you are consuming. Have you ever heard of Super Fruits though? Super Fruits are fruits that confer remarkable health benefits. We have compiled a list of a few of the top Super Fruits and their benefits!


Açaí palm berries  .  .  .
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Obviously if you have heard of super Fruits before, then Acai was probably one of the main ones that popped into your head. Which is awesome! Acai deserves all that hype and credit. They are rich in antioxidants that promote low cholesterol and a healthy heart. They can aid in weight loss, help clear skin, promotes healthy digestion, boosts the immune system, provides clean healthy energy boosts, and can help with anti-aging. This fruit is PACKED with all kinds of vitamins and antioxidants that increase your health.


Photo Credit: bour3 on flickr

This tart, semi-bitter and tangy fruit is surprisingly extremely good for you. Especially if you are looking to lose some weight, as it is a natural fat burner! Eating this fruit can help in preventing kidney stones, boosts the metabolism, natural liver cleanser, can help to prevent gum disease, boosts the immune system and so much more! This is really one of the most healthy fruits in the world.


Photo Credit: mellow-stuff mie on flickr

Who doesn’t like blueberries? Such fun, colorful and tasty little things they are! They are also a SUPER FRUIT! These little guys are like the antioxidant kings! They can assist in anti-aging, help fight cancer, support healthy digestion, aid in weight loss, promotes healthier skin, BOOSTS BRAIN FUNCTION, promotes a healthy heart and much, much more! Similar to the Acai, they are jam packed with awesome antioxidants that just charge up the immune system!


Photo Credit: Alan Sheffield on flickr

These creepy alien looking things are actually a real fruit, and they taste really good! Dragonfruit is rich in fiber and can assist with poor digestion, it promotes a healthy heart, anti-aging, fights diabetes, treats damaged hair, can suppress arthritis, assists in treating acne, can soothe sunburns and more! The vitamin rich creepy fruit is definitely a super fruit!


Photo Credit: Lila Roberts on flickr

Yes, that’s right… Avocados. Hopefully you all remember that fruits have seeds, vegetables do not. So these guys are considered a fruit, and a SUPER FRUIT at that! Though high in fatty acids, this fruit has plenty of health benefits. They can assist with fighting eye diseases, assist in weight loss, help stabilize blood sugar, promotes healthy hearts, and can protect an unborn baby from birth defects if the mother is eating them. There are so many benefits to eating these green fruits!

Hopefully this list of our top 5 favorite super fruits can help you with your healthy eating habits! Enjoy some yummy fruits and enhance your health at the same time!

What to Do at Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is a popular tourist spot for everyone who wants to enjoy the scenic views of the canyon and to the different activities this spectacular place has to offer. With all the beauty that you can see in this place along with the spots that you can visit for sightseeing, and so many other activities, you will never run out of things that you can try and do.

Here are some of the most recommended activities that you can do:

Us, hiking the Peek-A-Boo LoopPhoto Credit:AnnaPirata on flickr

The Peek a Boo Loop
One of the most popular trails is the Peek a Boo Loop. When you follow the trail, you get the chance to peek inside the beauty of the canyon. This trail traverses to the Queen Garden as down into the canyon. The elevation can be quite challenging at times but it is all worth it especially when you see the view from this place. When you reach the Peek a Boo Loop trails end, you will get a really good view of the canyon.
In addition to the Peek a Boo Trail, there are other amazing trails that you can try. You can go for Under the Rim Trail which is a 23 mile trail running from Rainbow Point to Bryce Point. What is nice with this trail is that it is not too crowded. There is the Mossy Cave Trail which is also a secret spot. The trail has a waterfall which gives you a refreshing experience. In fact, you can even set up a picnic and take out your packed lunch.

EscalantePhoto Credit:Nate Geesaman on flickr

Fishing in Bryce Canyon
If you want to have a more laid back activity, you can go fishing. Bryce Canyon has some of the best spots for fishing. There are different kinds of trout that you can find. At Asay Creek, you can find the best brown trout and mountain whitefish. You just have to remember that there are fishing limits. If you are looking for other kinds of trout like wild born trout and rainbow trout. The Escalante River is also full of fish.

PeteWilk_2015-05-10_25600.jpgPhoto Credit:Peter Wilk on flickr

Wildlife Experience
With the topography and the climate of Bryce Canyon, it is home to a wide range of species. As you gaze through the amazing views of the landscape, you can also find some interesting little creatures. From chipmunks, squirrels, jackrabbits, cottontail, lizards and turkey among many others. The place is also home to three endangered species like the Utah Prairie Dog.