The Pines as its known to the locals was built in the 1930’s. It consisted of a dance hall, bar, and cafe. Grandpa Mayo Rich purchased the Cafe in 1947 it has always been known for good food a friendly atmosphere and a place to go to have a good time.  Grandpa and grandma loved to dance and were very well known for there talents in ballroom and square dancing. They held many here at the pines, and were fined a time or two for holding dances and serving alcohol on Sundays since it was against the law back then. Although the dancing has been gone for sometime the old dance floor still remains in the restaurant, as well as old pictures from those years hanging on the walls. The Pines offers good old fashioned  American food. All of our beef comes from local cattlemen from southern Utah, and some of the best homemade pies in the world. We still hold to our old values of good food and a good time.